Catering Menu items available (some items are seasonal). If you have a specific food you would like, just ask. Pricing based on quanity and variety.


Garden salad.

Grilled Vegetables.

Grilled Jalapenos.

Ham or turkey sliders.

Chicken salad sliders.

Pigs in a blanket.

Fried pickels.

Fried cheese sticks

Cheese and crackes



Curry chicken.

Beef tacos.

Fried chicken breast.

Fried chicken breast sandwich.

Buffalo chicken breast sandwich.

Pulled pork sandwich.

Smoked turkey sandwich.

Grilled chicken on a stick.

Grilled teriyaki chicken on a stick

Smoked turkey with gravy.

Smoked turkey legs.

Grilled Bratwurst with peppers and onions.

Grilled steak and potatoeson a stick.

Fried fish sandwich.

Smoked chicken qtrs.

Polish sausage with peppers and onions.

Chicken wings in sauce.



Goumet French fries wtih choice of seasoning- Seasoned, Buffalo, Jerk, Chili, Cheese, Ranch, Lemon Peppers, Parmasan Garlic Olive Oil..

Loaded Fries- Chili, cheese, sour cream, bacon, jalapenos

Potato chips.

Nachos with cheese and jalpenos

Loaded Nachos - Chili, cheese, sour cream, bacon, jalapenos

Baked mac & cheddar cheese.

Buttered mashed potatos.

Loaded mashed potatos.

Scalloped potatos

Baked potatos.

Baked sweet potatos

Sweet potato casserole

Simmered green beans

Green bean casserole.

Garlic and parmasan green beans.

Simmered peas and carrots.

Simmered sweet corn.

Glazed carrots.

Grilled or baked asparagus,

Steamed brussel sprouts.

Pan fried brussel sprouts with bacon.


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